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Consults in Veterinary Ophthalmology


Dry eyes, glaucoma, uveitis... Ophthalmic conditions can be painful for our patients. In addition, ophthalmic cases can be very complex to work up and manage. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the opportunity to “call a friend” who is an ophthalmologist?

Many ophthalmic conditions can be managed, at least in the short term, by general practitioners.

EyeKnowOphtho was developed to help general practitioners manage ophthalmic cases, understand how to interpret their findings, provide clients with a better idea of prognosis and know when to refer.



  • Telemedicine consults

    Teleconsultation with your veterinarian based on their exam findings. For new cases, there are both routine and urgent consult options under the virtual services tab in the drop down menu.


  • Continuing education

    We offer various opportunities for continuing education including written materials on this website (videos and tips tab in the drop down menu, blog entries) as well as on site  labs on how to perform complete ophthalmic examinations.  If you wish to set up a clinic visit, please email us for more information.

  • Ophthalmology consults

    Dr. Richards is available for equine ophthalmic consults and surgery, small animal ophthalmic surgery and eye certification clinics on a case by case basis.  Please see the Ophthalmic consults tab for more information.


What is Eye Know Ophtho?

Eye Know Ophtho is a service designed to support family veterinarians in their management of ophthalmic cases. This service is provided by a board certified ophthalmologist. Feel free to pass this link on to your family veterinarian!

What is a board certified ophthalmologist?

A board certified ophthalmologist is a veterinarian who has completed additional training in comparative ophthalmology and has passed a rigorous set of examinations. Once this is completed, they are considered a member of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists. http://www.acvo.org/

How do virtual consults work?

This service is offered as a support to family veterinarians. Your family veterinarian would examine your pet, take pictures, run laboratory tests and submit all of these results to our team. Our ophthalmologist then would review this information and guide your veterinarian on case management. Ultimately, your family veterinarian will be making the clinical decisions with the help and support of our team.

Will my veterinarian dispense medications prior to the completion of the virtual consult?

Because ophthalmic disease can progress quickly, it is possible that your family veterinarian will dispense medications prior to completion of the online consult. Just as with any specialist consult, it is possible that medications may change or be added after the completion of the consult.

What does the teleconsult include?

The teleconsult includes the initial discussion (email or phone) with your family veterinarian, a written report for your pet/patient’s medical record as well as 3 follow up emails/phone calls.  Additional communication and recheck consults would be subject to additional fees.  Therefore, it is important that your family veterinarian be able to submit as much information as possible with the initial communication. This information may include ophthalmic exam findings, photographs, laboratory findings, xrays or other relevant diagnostic test results.