If an item is listed as 'sold out' this means we have reached our capacity for that type of consult. Please check back or email to find out when more will be available.

Legal Provisions

The following limitations apply to each consultation and recommendation:

  1. Recommendations provided are premised on the information provided by the consulting veterinarian. Accordingly, the recommendation may not be appropriate for the patient in question. It is incumbent on the consulting veterinarian to conduct a thorough examination of the patient in order to provide comprehensive and relevant information to support sound recommendations.


  1. The consulting veterinarian who has established the veterinary client-patient relationship and has examined the pet, must exercise professional judgment in light of our recommendations in conjunction with examinations of the patient and understanding of the needs and expectations of the client-patient. This means the consulting veterinarian is ultimately responsible for all treatment decisions, including but not limited to diagnosis, treatment plans (drugs and dosages used), follow ups and referral recommendations. Recommendations provided represent informed suggestions and are not conclusive.


  1. Because a hands-on examination is not performed by us and we rely on second hand information about the patient, it is possible that recommendations may not be appropriate for the individual patient or may not reflect the true nature of the case.


  1. In order to minimize the risk of transcription errors, all drugs and dosages should be cross referenced by the consulting veterinarian with published texts and formularies. Each medication recommendation provided by us is qualified by the assumption that the consulting veterinarian will complete such a cross-reference before administering medication or issuing a subscription.


  1. We do not have a veterinarian-client-patient relationship with the client-patient of the consulting veterinarian. Our role is solely to provide supporting information to the consulting veterinarian who maintains a primary care relationship with the client-patient.