Dr. Richards will be on medical leave until the new year. Teleconsults may resume mid December and referrals in the new year.

Ophthalmic consults

Equine Ophthalmology consults

Dr. Tara Richards is available for equine ophthalmology consults, minor procedures as well as surgeries at 3 locations in southern Ontario. The services available differ by location. Please contact us for more information to appropriately direct your referral.

Small Animal Surgical Ophthalmology Service

Dr. Tara Richards is available for ophthalmic surgeries on small animal patients. Whether surgery is deemed necessary in light of one of our virtual consults or your primary care veterinarian feels surgery is indicated, Dr. Tara Richards is available to perform ophthalmic surgeries. Depending on the surgery and scheduling needs, there are various options for surgical location and in some cases it may be possible to do the surgery at your home clinic.

Please note:  Appropriate referral from your family veterinarian is required for all of our services.  Please have your veterinarian reach out to us to schedule a consult or surgery.